MEGA-Army App

The MEGA-Army (Military Equipment Guide App for Land Forces Equipment) is a mobile application designed to identify land military equipment using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). By leveraging AI’ssophisticated image recognition capabilities, this app can analyze andaccurately identify various types of land forces military equipment.

What is
MEGA-Army App

The MEGA-Army (Military Equipment Guide App for Land Forces Equipment) is a Mobile application for identifying land military equipment using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The core concept involves leveraging Artificial Intelligence’s advanced image recognition capabilities to analyze and identify various types of Land Forces military equipment. This app is invaluable in multiple military contexts. For reconnaissance missions, it offers rapid and precise equipment identification, crucial for tactical decision-making. In training scenarios, MEGA serves as an educational resource, aiding military personnel in familiarizing themselves with diverse equipment and their functionalities. On the battlefield, it enhances soldiers’ situational awareness by providing immediate access to critical information about both enemy and allied equipment. MEGA-ARmy app’s combination of AI-driven image recognition and a comprehensive military equipment database marks a significant step forward in the integration of technology in defense strategies.

MEGA-Army developed by the Belgian
Company IDDEA (International Digital
Defense Equipment Agency)

IDDEA, or International Digital Defense Equipment Agency, is a Belgian company that has made significant strides in the field of military technology, particularly through the development of a military application utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for reconnaissance and identification purposes. This application represents a groundbreaking advancement in military operations, leveraging AI to analyze and interpret images, which is crucial for intelligence and strategic planning.

The core functionality of IDDEA’s military app revolves around its sophisticated AI algorithms, which are capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of image data. This capability is vital for reconnaissance missions, where accurate and rapid interpretation of aerial or satellite imagery can provide a tactical advantage. The AI technology employed by IDDEA is designed to identify and classify various objects and terrains, making it an invaluable tool for military intelligence.

One of the key features of this application is its integration capability with various military equipment. IDDEA has designed the app to be compatible with a wide range of defense systems, including combat vehicles, turret systems, weapon systems, combat management systems, and drones. This integration ensures that the AI-driven insights are readily available across different platforms, enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of military units.

What offers the MEGA-Army App?


With the MEGA-ARMY App users can upload pictures of military equipment into the app. The AI then processes these images, identifies the equipment, and provides relevant data such as the type, origin, capabilities, weapon systems, armor, onboard equipment, mobility and more.

User Interface

The MEGA-Army is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and quick access to information. It ensures that users can get the information they need with minimal training.


The MEGA-Army App is invaluable for defense personnel, military strategists, and intelligence analysts. It aids in quick identification and assessment of enemy or unknown military hardware during reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, or active engagements.

It is now very easy to have portable tool to identify and recognize military equipment including technical information and combat capabilities.

As with everything, there is an incredible change in world navies as well. Military technologies that pioneer civilian technologies continue to progress at a dizzying pace.

With the MEGA-Army APP, the IDDEA team have gathered all the information necessary for the people who are working in the defense industry. This information will help organizations and individuals to enhance their situational awareness about the current and future capabilities of the Land Forces.

We fully collected all the Land Forces Equipment related data into one platform – giving you easy access to a complete and comparable view of the world’s largest Land Equipment information.

It can be used as an education tool, decision support system, operation aid, and reference book as well.

The app data includes technical information and numbers of armored vehicles, artillery systems, anti-tank weapons, electronic warfare, missiles, air defense systems and more.

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Which level of services do I choose?

Level 1

The MEGA-Army app utilizes AI-driven image recognition to assist users in identifying various types of land military equipment including tanks, armored vehicles, artillery systems etc. Users can either take a picture or upload an image, and the app will then provide general information about the identified equipment, such as its name, producing country, user countries, main weapons, mobility features, and onboard combat equipment.


Level 1 access is limited to 10 AI requests per day

Level 2

The MEGA-Army app offers enhanced AI-driven image recognition capabilities for identifying personal pictures or images captured in more challenging conditions. These conditions include low-resolution images, partially obscured equipment, or images taken from unusual angles. Upon identification by our AI algorithms, you will receive detailed information about the detected military equipment.

Level 2 access is limited to 1,000 AI requests per month

Level 3

The MEGA app can utilize state-of-the-art AI algorithms and access to classified databases to provide highly accurate and reliable identification of military equipment, even in challenging conditions or when dealing with classified or rare equipment such as electronic warfare systems, air defense missile system, engineer equipment and more.
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Daily Update

The MEGA-Army app is continuously evolving, with daily updates that include new products. This constant enhancement ensures that users have access to the latest information on military equipment and technology. By integrating new data regularly, the app remains an up-to-date and reliable resource for identifying and understanding a wide range of military hardware and advancements. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who need current and comprehensive information in the rapidly changing landscape of military technology.

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